Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nail It!

How many of you have Penny's penchant for nail polish? Well, I couldn't be more excited when I heard about Zoya's Nail Polish Exchange program in support of Earth Day. This special progam began on April 22nd and ends on June 30th. I know...I know...Penny's a little late with the news but that's because it took some time to go through their 300 colors and pick out the ones I wanted to buy at half price!  LOL! Remember that Zoya is a toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde free polish that is also vegan friendly. Here is how the program works.
For a limited time, kicking off on Earth Day (April 22, 2010 - 12 PM EST), Zoya Nail Polish will exchange your old, out-of-style, unwanted nail color and replenish your nail polish supply with fresh Zoya fashion colors. Simply send in six or more bottles of old polish - any brand other than Zoya, Qtica or Nocti, new or used - and we'll send you the new Zoya colors of your choice in a bottle-for-bottle exchange.

The new Zoya Polish is not free but 'half price' for $3.50 each you get as many polishes as you send them. You have to register online and make your selection/purchase. But they don't charge your credit card or send you the new polish until they receive your old polishes to be recycled. So Penny dug up 12 bottles of old polish and went shopping! (I still have at least 40 bottles of polish in my 'active' drawer. Ssshh! Please don't call the polish police on me. LOL!) (read full story...)