Monday, September 16, 2013

Foundation Frenzy - Part II

On August 24th I posted a piece about the new Sephora + Pantone Color IQ foundation match technology. I've since visited Sephora for my color matching and I have to say I'm impressed with their technology and the staff's efficiency. It's a very simple process which only takes a few minutes and I found the end result to be close to my current shade. The rep was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Even with my hyperpigmentation (melasma) I was given quite a few choices. We tested the areas of my face without the dark discoloration as well as the areas with discoloration just to get a good balance. The technology is supposed to factor out things like bad lightening to give you a more accurate match. If you're anything like Penny, and your complexion changes with the seasons, then this new technology will be a good way to find your foundation match.


The Sephora rep simply held a small device to my forehead, cheek and neck which took a picture of my skin. The day I had this done I was not wearing any make up. I assume that is the best way to test. We took a few photos of my skin with the handheld device and put the data into the Color IQ computer. The computer then gave me several foundation options  that mapped to my IQ number (2Y09). I could select my undertone to narrow it down even more; or if I wanted to go slightly lighter or darker. The cool thing is that my results were emailed to me right there on the spot. The rep handed me a tablet and I typed in my email address and was able to send myself the results/suggestions provided.  I had a really good selection of formulas and brands to choose from. Just to compare, I completed the Color IQ quiz online by using my current foundation. The result was close (2Y08), which made sense since I was newly tanned when I completed the in-store test. The brands I currently use are Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder foundation, and Cover FX liquid foundation. I also use MAC's Oil Blot Powder for touch ups.

If you don't have a Sephora near you, go to their web site to complete the Color IQ questionnaire to get your results.

I was excited to learn that Sephora also has a Skincare IQ system, which I plan to try out on my next trip to the store.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.