Saturday, September 8, 2012

Famous FLOTUS Polish...Dupe?

Hey lovelies!

'I Don't Give a Rotterdamn'
Some of you may have seen the articles on the now infamous nail polish color that Michelle Obama wore during her speech at the DNC last week. Well, because Penny is Penny I actually noticed the lovely bluish-purpleish-gray shade the FLOTUS was wearing as she spoke. LOL! Penny is a fan of gray and it was sorta hard to miss. So it wasn't surprising that the fashion stalkers of the world would zone in on her entire outfit including her nails.

It was revealed not long after her speech that the First Lady's nail polish was none other than Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Colour Gloss in “Vogue”.  For those of you who like the color but may not want to try the gel nails or go through the hassle and expense, Penny came up with a list of regular polish in "similar" shades that you might want to try.

  • Caitlin (Zoya)
  • Skylar (Zoya)
  • Kristen (Zoya)
  • I Don't Give a Rotterdamn (OPI)
  • I Don't Have a Herring Problem (OPI)

I'm sure there are lots more out there from various brands but these are the ones I either have in my collection, or knew of off the top of my head. LOL! Let me know if you have a favorite gray/blue/purple color that you wear.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

'I Have a Herring Problem'