Saturday, August 24, 2013

Foundation Frenzy

Hello Beautifuls!

Many of you have shared over the years how challenging it is to find the right foundation shade for your skin tone. Well my favorite beauty store Sephora + Pantone has just introduced new technology to help match you up with the perfect foundation called Color IQ. Penny's excited and can't wait to check this out!

You have the option of going into the store and having them find a match for you by using a handheld device that takes a picture of your skin. Or you can go online and find other matches based on your current foundation.

The nice thing is that they also offer options for one shade lighter or one shade darker. This is important for Penny since I have to cover my melasma which is much darker than the rest of my skin. Unfortunately for me my current regimen requires two kinds of foundations and a concealer.  I also change complexions pretty drastically with the change of seasons so the other shade suggestions will come in handy. Sephora provides you with shade options in a variety of formulas, brands, and at various price points.

Let Penny know if you find your color match and how your overall experience was.
Be blessed. Be beautiful.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Resource Round-up

Hello Beautiful:

It has been too long since I stopped by and I apologize for the delay. Trust and believe lots of products have been tried and tested these past couple months (after all, Penny IS a Product Princess). LOL! But time and motivation has not allowed for fingertips to keyboard.

This time I want to share with you some of the blogs, vlogs, magazines, and websites that help keep Penny informed. I know many of you are already up on the happenings but an even exchange of information is always helpful. So let Penny know what she's missing out on. What's your favorite source of beauty information? Please leave a comment (if you prefer it not be published, simply indicate that it is a *private* message and I won't post it.) Thank you for your feedback,

Some of these sites I check regularly and others I have subscriptions to:
  • - As a member of their VIB beauty insider club I get dibs on beauty products before they are released to the public. I also get great samples and free shipping on my online orders. Sephora has also made some changes lately and they have moved some of their online resources to the stores themselves. One example is their Fragrance Finder kiosk. This is an in-store touch-screen monitor that help you find the perfect fragrance. They also have a new Color IQ event going on now. With new technology they can find your perfect foundation match, in a variety of brands and formulas.
  • - Everyone knows this beauty entrepreneur and YouTube make-up sensation. She has been covered by many of the major media outlets, is a spokesperson for Lancome, has her own jewelry line and is about to launch her own makeup line. Although I get emails almost daily since signing up for her blog, I just filter what I'm interested in and keep those write ups for when its time to shop for new products. She often has goods beauty tips.
  • - Wayne Goss - Pro Makeup Artist. Love this guy out of the UK. He is always up on the best products and the newest trends.
  • www. and - Cindy Diaz was one of the first bloggers/vloggers I ever followed. She has great make-up tutorials that I have often re-created successfully one my own.
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