Friday, June 21, 2013

Having a Meltdown?

Summer is here and some of you are wondering how to keep that pretty profile of yours from becoming one big melting pot. do we keep our face in place when its hot outside? If you wear a full face of makeup like Penny does, you know that the warm temps can be unkind sometimes. There is a fine line between 'dewy' and 'greasy' in Penny's world. LOL! Aside from keeping your body cool in general; there are lots of products on the market and a few tips and tricks that you could use to keep your makeup from migrating as the day progresses. Penny's here to help you navigate some of your options.

Maybelline Nude Dream Airfoam
  • Try liquid, foam, or powder foundation since those formulas are lighter and tend to stay put better than cream. (Examples: Cover FX Liquid, Maybelline Nude Dream Air Foam, Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder).
  • Try a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or CC cream if you don't need a lot of coverage but still want to look polished (Examples: Smashbox, Bobbi Brown w/ SPF35).
  • Try an oil-blot powder to set your makeup and for touch-ups throughout the day. (Example: MAC Oil Blot Powder, Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder).
  • Try an foundation primer before applying foundation; some come in 'oil comntrol' formulas too. (Examples: Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer, Smashbox Photo Finish).
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
  • Try an eye shadow primer (Examples: Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Urban Decay Primer Potion , NYX Shadow Base).
  • Try a cream eye shadow or pencil (Examples: Maybelline Color Tattoo, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow).
  • Try a waterproof mascara (Examples: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous, Maybelline NY Volum Express, Sephora Collection).
  • Try a waterproof eye liner or gel liner (Examples: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner).
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