Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Foundation Feedback

Happy Summer to you all!

Hope everyone is enjoying one of my favorite seasons of the year! And most importantly, that you are never leaving home without your sunscreen.  :-) Most all of you lovelies should be sure to use a product with at least SPF 30 on your face and body, especially if you're going to be outdoors for any length of time. Keep a small travel tube in your purse or the car in case you forget to put it on at home (and my dermatologist said I should reapply every 2 hrs).
Penny has been trying to get back here for weeks to no avail, but I made it. (Not feeling the 'real job' that keeps getting in my way. LOL) Today I want to share my experiences with you as I tried two newly released cosmetics. I actually tried these when they were first released but couldn't find the time to blog about them.

bareMinerals bareSkin Serum Foundation  SPF 20 ($29, ULTA)

bareSkin Serum Foundation &
Perfecting Face Brush
Penny was not a fan of the original bareMinerals products even though I saw that they worked well on others. For some reason, the powders made me look ashen and just didn't work well with my skin tone. But when the new bareMinerals bareSkin Serum Foundation with SPF 20 was promoted it peaked my interest. Especially since I'm getting treatment for my melasma and my dermatologist wants me to be diligent about my sunscreen usage. I wear a full face of make-up every day to go to work so I promised her I would find make-up with  sun protection. I was excited about trying this product. 

Although I think this is a good foundation for some, it did not work well for Penny. I returned it after a couple days. The thin liquid formula was light weight and offered decent buildable coverage. I have to admit I did not use the Perfecting Face Brush recommended for this product (already have so many brushes).  ULTA's website describes the formula as: "ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin while delivering a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance." The foundation was easy to blend and I easily picked out my shade (they have 20 shades).  What didnt work for me was the wearability. By the end of the day my make-up was fading and I could see my dark under eye circles and a little of the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I always set my foundation with powder but that didn't seem to help. With the summer being so humid, I need a long-lasting foundation.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick ($44, Bloomingdales)
BB Skin Foundation Stick
As many know, Penny has been a fan of Bobbi Brown forever. So I was excited to see that they released a new and improved BB Foundation Stick. According to their website: "Foundation Stick gets an update with a transparent base plus skin tone correct pigments for an incredibly natural look. Its creamy yet weightless texture blends seamlessly so it mimics the look of healthy skin."  Right away I was curious to know how this new stick was different from the original formula. According to the website the new formula contains skin emollients like shea butter and olive extract as well as: " Light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals perfect the appearance of skin while reducing shine (even in sweat, water and humidity)." Penny likes this foundation for the portability, the creamy formula, and the lightweight feel. However, I need to try it a few more times to get the personal coverage I prefer. The coverage was better than I thought it would be but I was applying it on the run and didn't have the right brush or the proper cosmetic sponge. The wearability was good too; it did not run or fade (although I still have to try it 'all day' to confirm).

This BB Stick Foundation comes in 24 shades and I was able to pick the right one even though I ordered mine online at Sephora. I think it would be great for my friends who don't need a lot of coverage but want an even tone, natural look. Since its a creamy formula, and we are dealing with heat and humidity, be sure to set the foundation with a light dusting of setting powder. This formula blends and buffs easily into the skin and was non-irritating for me.

  • If you use foundation daily, try a setting powder with SPF for the summer. I have been setting my foundation with bareMinerals READY Touch Up Translucent Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($23, ULTA) powder.
  • Use a make-up setting spray like Kat Von D's Lock-N-Load Make-up Setting Mist ($24) to make sure your look lasts all day. Urban Decay's All-Niter and Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix are also good.
  • If your mascara runs often, try a waterproof mascara.
  • Set your eyeliner with powder. By that I mean use a powder shadow in the same color over it if you lined your top lid. If you line your bottom waterline, follow with eye shadow just below the waterline to help seal the liner.
  • Use a lip liner if you find your lip gloss is not lasting as long as you would like, or if its moving outside the lip line as time passes.
What's your favorite summer foundation?

Be blessed. Be beautiful.