Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keratin Kare

***Just an F.Y.I. for those in the Maryland/DC/VA area.***

Many of you beauties are quite familiar with the rave about Keratin Hair Treatments, but Penny is a novice and has never had one herself. This is the treatment that claims to straighten and smooth your hair, as well as elminate frizz for several MONTHS at a time, without the constant use of blow dryers, flat irons, and other hot tools. The treatment must be done by a professional initially; then they will instruct you on how to care for your hair so that it lasts as long as it should. You do have to take particular care of your hair, and at home products are usually sold at the salons that offer the treatments (and online of course; you all know how Penny loves her online research). LOL!  The Brazilian Keratin treatment I've heard many "warnings" about, and most have stayed away from this form of the treatment. However, the Coppola Keratin Complex (Smoothing Therapy) treatment is supposed to work very well without the use of formaldehyde and the harsh chemicals found in a regular chemical relaxer.

Apparently these treatments can come at a high price and vary from state to state, and salon to salon. The purpose for this post is to let Penny's Posse members know that ULTA Salons are once again offering a special to first-time customers starting at $185-$195 depending on the location. Call the ULTA salon nearest you if you're interested; go to for locations. Just a few weeks ago these same salons were charging $225-$250 for this treatment; so I say if you're interested, now is the time. Not sure how long this offer will last, or how much the maintenance care products cost. I have had friends get quotes for $300 and $400 and paid that much for these treatments that last the same amount of time and work as well as the Coppola treatment.

Just sharing....

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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