Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are your dogs barking?

Hello my High-Heeled Harlots! (Ha ha ha!)

Penny had a moment the other day when she tried to tip out with the dolled up divas. It's no secret that I like my sexy high heels as much as the next woman...sadly I just can't wear them often. My feet get swollen and my shoes become uncomfortable. Finding comfortable shoes that are sexy, is difficult. Finding comfortable shoes that are sexy in my pretty much impossible. Nonetheless, there comes a time when you take one for the vanity team. *sigh* 

I attempted to wear my modest 3" Nine West, platform, peep toe, sling backs to a soiree (not the 4" heels I considered wearing). Once I arrived I immediately realized that valet parking is essential to any night on the town. After walking for what seemed like 'The Green Mile" from the parking lot to the party, it didn't take long for Penny to find the lounge with the pretty sofas and the art on the walls. LOL!  Don't get me wrong...I was still holding it down for all the pleasingly plump Pennys out there, and keeping a smile on my face. LOL!  (read full story...)

As the night went on Penny had thoughts of losing a toe or two to the numbness that was taking over the feet. Before the party was over, I wondered if my feet would turn into pumpkins and relieve me of my glass slippers. How in the world was I going to walk back to the car with grace and style? I could barely feel my feet! I tried not to grimmace with every gingered step, and left the party before it ended so I could walk in peace at my own pace. Truth be told, I even stopped to send a few text messages as a stall tactic so my feet could get a break as I journeyed back to the parking lot! Not sure if I was fooling anyone though. LOL!

As I got back to my car I realized that there was only one way I was ever wearing "cute shoes" to another event without some serious back-up!  Thanks to Google for helping me find The very next day I ordered my black satin portable fold-up flats from Fit in Clouds ($19.95-$24.95)!  That's know those cute little ballet slippers for grown women that fit in your party purse!  They fit perfectly in my large clutch and a little tight in a regular size clutch. (See photo).  My plain pair of flats look more like back-in-the-day 'house shoes' but they definitely do the trick. LOL!

Check them out ladies. They are comfortable (as far as $20 flats go) and serve my purpose as the "911 Emergency Pair" to keep in the purse for those long nights on my feet....or long walks to the car.  They come in cool colors and all sizes, and comes in a cute little carrying pouch. One of Penny's Posse members mentioned that she purchased similar flats sold by Sole Discretion ($15), but their pouch/wristlet also turns into a tote to carry your heels in! Genius!

And for your warm weather wenches, there are portable fold-up flip flops too! LOL! How cool is that?!  Check out Flex Flops ($20-$28).  Got an email from yet another diva in the know.  These come in cute carrying cases in a variety of designs.

So the next time this diva's dogs start barking, don't be surprised when she whips out the portables to save her pedi.  :-D

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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