Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skin is In II

I think Penny got tired during the last post because she forgot to mention a couple of products. LOL! Until a week ago when I received my order of Passion Body Butter from Forplai, I was successfully using and loving the following products.
  • Trader Joe's 'A Midsummer's Night Cream' Moisturizing Cream, Extra Dry Formula (unscented) - This pH balanced herbal blend body lotion is an excellent, non-greasy, rich cream that absorbs quickly and tackles my dry skin all day. It is inexpensive ($3.99 I think) and works as well or better than lots of the more expensive lotions on the market. Unfortunately if you don't have a Trader Joe's grocery store near you, its not always available online.
  • African Shea Butter Oil 100% (unscented) - This is a gem I stumbled upon on one of my many shopping trips at LOL! I love this oil! It is pure shea butter that is processed differently so that you get a thick oil that pours instead of a hard solid cream in a jar that you have to scoop. It has little bits of solid shea butter in and absorbs into the skin without feeling heavy. Most of all it helps control the nighttime dryness and itching I experience from my eczema. This is exactlty like the pure shea butter I've bought in the past from random vendors but in a more convenient, liquid formula. I found that the product was cheaper on Amazon than on the distributor's site once you add in shipping & handling.  (; $10, 8oz; $17, 16oz, plus S&H).
This is my nighttime treatment.  I will continue to use this regimen and use the body butter as an alternate nighttime treatment.To successfully treat my eczema I have combined body lotion with a light body oil for many years. I believe this combination helps keep my skin moisturized the entire day. In the mornings I use the same Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream combined with Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil or Origins Ginger Glossing Oil.  I love the fresh, citrus smell of these products.

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Since some of you don't always get to the actual blog I will try to post "updates" to older stories as a new post. Here is an example.

Original Blog 4/27/11 re: Stila Prime Pot

So today (5/2/11) was the first 80+ degree day since I've been wearing my Stila Prime Pot eye shadow primer, and it didn't do so well. Interestingly I only wore primer today; no eye shadow. Not sure if this made a difference but I wasn't outdoors for long but my primer was creased by late afternoon. :-( I will probably still wear Prime Pot for the coverage it gives of my dark lids, but maybe its not the best-of-the-best for Penny if its going to crease. I experimented this weekend too and used my NARS Smudgeproof Primer underneath the Prime Pot when I went out dancing, and believe it or not, my eye shadow looked better than I did at 5am! LOL!

The next day I used the NARS primer under the Prime Pot  again and had no creasing; eyeshadow stayed in place all day. I will try just the Prime Pot again under my eyeshadow today and see if the creasing was caused by my using the Prime Pot without eyeshadow. I'll keep you posted.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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