Monday, June 13, 2011

Lip Locked (Revised)

NOTE: Penny wrote this piece a couple years ago (pre-blog) but decided to revise and re-release here goes. Penny knows she's going to get a lot of flack for this one...but oh well. LOL!.

"Back away from the dark lip liner/light lipstick combination!"
We all know the look...we see it all the time. [Think Pamela Anderson, Kim Mathers, and Sara Palin...yikes!].  Yes, this is an outdated look ladies. Don't shoot the messenger; I'm not setting fashion trends or making up beauty rules. LOL! Speaking of rules...there are always exceptions....let's talk about your options. 
"To line, or not to line?...that is the question."
The purpose of lip liner is to keep your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ onto your skin. Some use it to even out lip shape or to try to make your lips appear a little fuller. Lip liner is also supposed to look ‘natural’ according to the pros. When applying your lip liner, remember that it should to be the same color as your natural lip color, no more than one shade darker, or the same color as the lipstick/lipgloss. Never use black anything to line your lips unless your creating a vampire look. LOL! Always blend your lip liner well by smudging it from the outer edges of the lip inward toward the center; its easist to use your finger. Do not leave a hard line around your lips; this is called overlining. If you think blending the liner will change your lipstick or lipgloss color, then pick a shade close to the lipstick/gloss color. It's the APPLICATION as well as the COLOR combination that makes lips hot!

Penny loved her M.A.C. Chestnut liner too back in the day...but now it only goes with dark lipstick shades and is blended well. There are other shades of medium brown liner (i.e., Cork, Stripdown, Spice, Hover by M.A.C.) that will give you a more updated look if blended well with your lipstick or gloss...look for medium browns or pinkish-browns that can be worn with a variety of colors. This is especially for you ladies who have a hard time letting go...just go a little lighter and blend well. (read full story...)

Unlined lips:
Don't like the lined look? Use an anti-liner to hold lipstick in place. Brands like Too Faced and Duwop carry "clear" lip liners that simply give a less defined look.
You never want your lips to gain attention for the wrong reasons. Make yours a pretty pout!

Tempting Tips:
  • Always apply lip balm or moisturizer to your lips first. Nothing oily or greasy...something that absorbs into the lips quickly. Penny uses Blistex w/ SPF15 for day. Be sure to keep lips moisturized at all times and not dry or chapped (Aquaphor Lip Balm). Blot excess balm off lips before applying lipstick.
  • Exfoliate your lips by using your soft tooth brush lightly across the lips; or a damp washcloth, before applying balm.
  • If your lipstick tends to bleed into the lines or crevices in the lip, liner is important...but be sure to BLEND. Some cosmetic lines also have a lip primer to help keep lipstick in place (i.e. Urban Decay, MAC, etc).
  • Do not over draw your lip line; use soft pencil liners so that they are easy to blend.
  • Matte lipstick can make dry lips look drier; or mature lips, older. Mix a little bit of clear gloss with your favorite lip color and apply with a lip brush. Or use satin or cream lipstick formulas if you don't want a glossy look.

Ombre Lips (Two-tone Lips)
Penny thinks this runway look is hot if done right. Definitely not an everyday look but can be very sexy. According to the pros, the key is to use two shades in the same color family. 

See InStyle magazine for details:,,20345782_20407578_20819011,00.html

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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