Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Choosing the Right Colors

Fall is a wonderful time of year. What Penny enjoys most are the beautiful colors of the season and how they influence the fun fashions, and cosmetics we see in stores and on magazine pages today. One of the most challenging things for the make-up maven is not just learning proper make-up application, but rather choosing the right colors.

Most professionals will tell you...your make-up colors should NOT match your clothes or accessories...but should match you skin tone, hair color and/or compliment your eye color. Matching make-up to your clothes can sometimes look juvenile and detract from your overall look. You want the focus to be on your complete look and not just one aspect of your make-up. Foundation shades are the hardest but Penny ain't got that much time today. LOL! (Read full story)
So how does Penny choose her eye shadow, lipstick and blush colors? Penny gets asked this question often. Since my complexion changes with the seasons (I'm a chameleon of sorts), I'm able to experiment with warm colors, and some cool colors. Even though you don't match colors exactly, your make-up color choices will 'compliment' your attire naturally if you make the right choices. For example, plums, pinks, and wines look good when I'm wearing gray, navy and other cool colors. Browns and peaches compliment my greens, and other earthy shades (but I never wear peaches when it's cold out and my complexion has gone pale). Then there are neutral shades that go with every look (I usually go neutral if I'm wearing bright colors like red or purple). Some colors like white, blue, purple, and green can be challenging for all depending on the 'shade' you choose, so approach with caution. Also pay attention to formulas...many of the new frosty, shimmery shades can be tricky to maneuver on any skin tone if you are not going to a holiday party. LOL! If you insist on matching, choose a shade 'similar' to your clothing but never the exact same shade.

Keep in mind that magazine and Internet images are a great place to look for color ideas. But a runway look is not appropriate for every day (unless you're a super model at work). LOL! And don't get me wrong...Penny has worn a gray smokey eye, when wearing gray slacks...but they weren't the exact same shade, and the clothing was not close to the face. There are exceptions to every rule, so find what works for YOU my pretty. And always...always...have fun with it!

Be blessed. Be beautiful.


  1. Penny,

    If you ever do a makeup consult party, please invite me. I am interested in the natural look.

  2. Sure thing Stacey. I'm going to try to share some specific products soon to help with the color choices. I definitely have some products and 'looks' I would recommend. (We should run down to Blue Mercury or Sephora one day at lunch).

  3. I'm definitely up for the trip! Let me know....


  4. I think SHE is dazzling. Unhinged chic!


  5. You need help Kenya! LOL!!! Maybe one of the shades of eyeshadow she's wearing is dazzling, but that's about it. LOL!