Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Trends

Hello You Holiday Harriets!
Penny knows that this is the time of year when many of us are faced with that million dollar question: "What do I wear to the holiday party?"  Yes. You know the feeling of dread when you think about what's in your closet...decisions, decisions. You ask yourself: "Do I wear something that I have already?" "Can I fit in anything fancy that I own?"  Let Penny help you put things in perspective. 

As a "Recessionista" it is okay to recycle an outfit (especially if you're wearing it to a new/different event). The key is to make it look as different and new as possible with the use of this year's stylish accessories (i.e. jewelry, purse, shoes, even make-up, etc).  Even if you're a "Fashionista" and you must have a new dress for the season, you should also enhance your look with the right accessories. Buying something new also allows you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try a daring new color for a more festive look. You also can't go wrong with "classics" (i.e. sheath dress, pant suit, strapless dress, etc). Here are some trends for 2009 to keep in mind: (Read the full story...)
  • Change your look with jewelry - Whether you're wearing something old or new, statement necklaces are in this season. Oversized pearls, jeweled-toned chokers, layering looks, and lots of sparkle are a great enhancement to any outfit...especially a classic sheath or wrap dress.
  • Bring on the bling - Sequins are hot this season, and I don't mean just for New Year's Eve.  There are lots of dress, blouses and even skirts adorned with sequins. Hot colors include, purple, charcoal/gray, silver, gold and black.
  • Try a new color - Varying shades of purple, charcoal/gray, wine, and other rich colors make a bold statement. Some say purple is actually seasonless, so don't be afraid to try it. Red and green are classic holiday colors. And black is always a chic choice.
  • Show off those shoulders - Strapless and one shoulder (asymmetrical) dresses are big this holiday season. Even though many of us live in cold climates; bearing a little skin and wearing festive peep toes/open toe heels, are acceptable during the holidays.
  • Prints are your friends - Don't be afraid of making a statement in deep, rich colors and prints. Floral prints can be worn in the fall/winter months as long as they don't look like spring.
  • Be appropriate - It is important to dress "occasion appropriate." If your office party is "at" the office, a formal gown is not necessary. But if you're party is after hours, at a posh hotel or swank off-site location, a more sophisticated look is appropriate.
  • Make-up measures - Definitely have fun with your holiday make-up. There are tons of new colors, textures, and tones this season. Don't wear your 'everyday face' to the holiday party...add a glittery eye shadow or a high shine gloss...get your eyebrows shaped...try a smokey eye look...wear faux lashes to glam things up...always have a fresh manicure/pedicure.
  • Key Comfort - Always wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable. (People always remember the 'lady' who dances barefoot at the holiday party. Umm hmm). Don't wear it if it doesn't fit well. It is not a good choice if you have to keep adjusting your outfit all night long.
Hope this is helpful.
Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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