Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penny's New Pick!

Penny's back!
Sorry for the time away. Penny is not at all happy that she actually had to work a paying job. *sigh*

However, there is always time for a beauty find. I recently read about an innovative concealer called Double Feature by LORAC ($24).  It's a concealer and highlighter in one convenient tube, with an amazing little feature...a roller ball. Yes, a roller ball is used to blend the concealer evenly to cover under eye circles and blemishes. Penny loves that this full coverage concealer is also oil-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and fragrance free.  (Read full story...)
The consistency of this stick make-up is great! It blends perfectly smooth with the roller ball. As a matter of fact, it blended better than most of the cream concealers I've used in the past with a concealer brush, cosmetic sponge, or my finger. I love that it doesn't get into the wrinkles under my eyes (yes wrinkles...contrary to popular belief, Penny is no spring chicken. LOL!). The highlighter is a light liquid that can be used under your brow bone, to highlight your cheekbones, or diffuse fine lines under your eyes. The packaging of this product is also a big bonus because it is portable and not messy like other pot make-up.

Penny's only disappointment is that Double Feature concealer comes in just three (3) shades...light/medium, warm/medium and golden tan (which is Penny's shade). It is definitely worth a try if you can find a complimentary shade. Available at ULTA, Sephora, or wherever LORAC is sold.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.


  1. What about the brown people Penny?? What do we wear?? :-)

  2. Hi Anonymous...that is what Penny said too! My friend is a rep for LORAC and said that there was talk about coming out with more shades, since the product was well received.

    In the meantime I recommend MAC Concealers. They have four(4) formulas that come in about 14 different shades...including some for brown beauties. I know a few people who love the MAC concealers. Bobbi Brown has a couple of shades to choose from too. Iman cosmetics and Maybelline also has some I've read about. Concealer is a challenge to shop for if you ask me.
    Hope this helps.