Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Eyes Have It!

Season's Greetings!

This is the time of year when we all get a little glam and want to look and feel our best. It is also a time of fun and festive make-up experimentation. This is when we can get away with shimmery shades, and glittery glosses. A time to try that new blush to make our cheeks pop! And there is nothing like a classic 'cat eye' liner with a fabulous faux fringe (Penny's wish). Well here are some basic tips to keep in mind if you're a novice and plan to try your new eyeshadow look for the company holiday party:
  1. size & shape of your eyes
  2. where colors should go on the eyes  
  3. don't skip the eyeliner
  4. be sure brows are groomed and filled in if necessary
  5. complimentary lip color to bring the look together

Know that eyeshadows come in various textures and formulas...shimmer, glitter, sparkle, metallics, satin, and well as cream, powder, pigments and mineral...etc. Some are harder to work with than others. Be careful with glitter and some shimmer eyeshadows; they often cause 'fall out' which is when the make up spills below the eye. This has to be removed carefully so as to not disturb concealer or foundation. This is common when working with black eyeshadow and other dark pigments to achieve a smokey eye. A tissue can be placed under eye area, to catch pigment dust and remove residual shadow from brushes. Q-tip swabs are also a quick and easy way to pick up excess powder. Some people do their eyes first, clean up, and then put on their foundation and concealer. You can search the Internet for several ways around eyeshadow fall out. Penny just makes a mess and cleans up after herself...not always the best solution. LOL!  

For small to medium (sized) eyes you should start with no more than one (1) or two (2) eyeshadow colors; light/med shade, and a darker shade. Keep in mind that the darker the shadow the smaller the eyes will look. One medium shade (shimmer for the holidays) over the whole lid works too. The key is to start with a light application and 'build' the color by adding a little more each time. Don't put on a heavy dose of color at first or it will be harder to blend and tone down.

For larger eyes or people with lots of lid space, your opportunities are endless. You can use 2-3-4 colors on your all depends on the look you want. If you want some ideas go to and search for the colors you're curious about (i.e. green eyeshadow; bronze eyeshadow), or for the look you want (i.e. smokey eyes; red lips, etc). There are so many instructional videos you are sure to find one that will work for you. Or leave Penny a Comment on this article and she will be happy to help. ;-) 

When choosing colors you don't have to match your clothing exactly, but instead compliment them. This is especially true if you're wearing jewel tone or bright colored clothing. For example, if you're wearing a purple dress, you can wear silver, bronze, or gold shadow; a chocolate or charcoal smokey eye mixed with a plum color works as well.  Have fun with it whatever you do (but be sure you don't look like you're about to perform in the Broadway version of the Lion King). LOL!  (read full story...)

Eyeshadows are fun! There are so many choices and so many ways they can be worn. But remember that you want a look that you will also be comfortable with when you step out of the house. Every magazine look is not for everyone. If you can, try a few looks at home the day before your event to see which will work best.

Placement of eyeshadow color is key: 
  • Light colors, or what is called a 'base' shade should go on your whole lid (from brow to lashline); and/or used as a highlighter  right under the brow bone
  • Medium shades can be worn over the whole lid from brow to lash line; OR on the lid only (from crease to lashline)
  • Darker shades should be worn in the crease of your eye to give depth and definition; dark colors can be worn on the lid itself if you adoing a smokey eye look. Blend, blend, is important to take time to blend you shadows for a smokey look, or any multi-color look.
The key to pulling your look together is knowing when to wear dark vs bright lipstick colors. The rule is...
  • Dark or smokey eye look should be accompanied by a light pink, sheer color, or nude lip color.
  • Light neutral eye look can be accompanied by a med/dark or richer lip color; doesn't have to be red, berry or plum...but a rich tone will make your lips pop if that is the part of the face you want to accentuate.
It is best not to use bright eye color and a bright lip color at the same time; this can look masquerade-ish (LOL). Don't get me wrong...some folks can definitely pull off a smokey eye, and red lip look. But if you're still in Make-up 101, it is not recommended.

Eyeshadow looks best with eyeliner and mascara (and even a pair of false lashes); you can play with the liner as far as how thin or wide you like it. Penny uses waterproof gel liner or powder (Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in espresso is a fav) with the right angled eyeliner brush, because they are easiest for me to apply. Liquid liners often run and require a steady hand. Pencil liners are probably the most popular; waterproof liner is recommended for those with oily lids or who are prone to eye liner melt. Be careful when lining the lower lash line (water line) as it could cause under eye circles to look darker if not done right. Also don't forget to curl your lashes before mascara, if you need to.

Tool Tip:
Try not to use the eyeshadow applicators that come with some eyeshadows...they are not the best. If you don't have one good eyeshadow brush, use your fingers. Just be careful not to get the shadow outside or under the eye. One good and inexpensive brush brand is Essence of Beauty (CVS, Target). The brush will tell you on the handle if its an eyeshadow brush...they have several shapes and sizes. (I like their dual ended 'smokey wide' brush).

Check out this site for some pretty basic eyeshadow techniques and to see what brushes to use:

Be blessed! Be FABULOUS!

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