Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Night to Shine!

Penny’s back!
Whether you call it New Year’s Eve or Old Year’s Night (as we say back home in
 the islands) you want to look fabulous for the occasion. So how will you step up your game this holiday season? Penny believes a woman can never have too much glam in her life. LOL! Hopefully some of these tried and true tips can help amplify your look as you ring in the New Year. After all, you should be unforgettable. ;-)

There are some beauty trends that we call ‘classic’ for a reason. They ‘always’ work no matter the time period. For example, a holiday party is the time for smokey eyes, or red lips. Or how about a little glitter and sparkle on the face or body. Nowadays, wearing hair in an updo or chignon is not the only way to go glam; waves, ponytails, and loose relaxed curls are hot too! So now that you have your dress, shoes, accessories, and that cute little clutch…let’s get to the finishing touches. (read full story...)

Holiday Glam Tips:
Smoke Signals: You can’t go wrong with a smokey eye look for the holidays or for any evening out for that matter. Update the look by layering colored shadows instead of just black or charcoal; browns, purples, silver/greys, greens, & blues, make great smokey looks. Keep in mind that dark colors around the eyes may make your eyes look smaller, so shades of brown and/or grey shadows might work best. The key is to layer gradually, starting with the lightest shade first, and blend! A tapered blending brush is essential to the smokey look. Also be sure to line your bottom lashline for intensity (best to use waterproof liner in a pencil formula; set with eye shadow in the same color if your eyeliner tends to run); most people smudge the line for the smokey look anyway. The key to any sexy smokey eye is: blend, blend, blend! Eye shadow primers also help your shadows to stay on longer (i.e. Sephora, Tricks of the Trade, $12). And faux lashes are the ultimate finishing touch!

Youtube has a plethora of smokey eye tutorials for you if you’re a novice. And the make-up reps at the department store can teach you as well. Of course, cosmetic lines like M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Nars, and Urban Decay all have smokey eye palettes to play with. Be sure to take your time, have plenty of Q-tips to gently clean up the fall-out under the eye, and pack on the mascara! Penny loves to smoke them out! LOL!

Penny’s Personal Tip: Instead of using lots of glittery or shimmery shadows which can be a bit more challenging to apply evenly, I sometimes would work with my matte or satin colors to achieve my level of smokiness…then very lightly tap on a glitter shadow with my finger over the whole lid. Fab! (i.e. Sephora Colorful Mono Shadow, $12; or Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye shadow, $24)

Lip Service: This season red lips are red hot! Penny was afraid to do red since it had been some years since she wore that color successfully. But once you find the right shade of red for your complexion, it will speak volumes. There are true reds, blue reds, orange reds, and some that are more berry in color. Wear what matches your skin tone and what you’re comfortable in. Some prefer a matte red lip; others are not afraid of the high shine pout. Whatever shade you choose, Penny has found that the best way to wear my true red lips are to neutralize the natural color of my lips with a little concealer, powder, and/or a nude lip pencil. Then I go back and fill in my lips with a matching red lip pencil (for staying power) and then I apply my lipstick. Penny used Sephora’s Nano Lip Liner Pencil in Real Red ($5), and Revlon’s Colorbusrt Lipstick in Crimson ($9). There is no exact science, so do what works for you, but keep the eyes neutral so the focus can be on your sexy red lips for that New Year’s Eve kiss…mmmwwuuuaaahhh! LOL!

Do-the-Do: If you are wearing something elegant it used to be that you had to wear your hair in an updo. But the modern diva has kicked it up a notch and now ponytails, loose curls, and even long waves are in this season. Experiment the night before or earlier in the day so you know what you need to do to make sure your hair comes out right. Then use a soft, brushable, hairspray like Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray by L’Oreal, to keep things in place (even when you’re falling apart…LOL). Today’s diva portrays ‘effortless glamour’ when she walks through the door.
Be blessed. Be Beautiful.

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