Thursday, February 24, 2011

Penny's New Powder

Hello Dears!
That pain-in-the-a*s Penny here again! LOL!  Just want to tell you about another new product trial. to Penny anyways.

For many years I have tried various powders to set my foundation or to wear alone for sheer, shine-free coverage during the warmer seasons. As posted in previous blogs, some of my favorites include M.A.C.'s Blot Powder ($23), and M.A.C's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder ($27)....used individually or together with the blot powder used only for touch-ups late in the day. Very few products will last ALL day, so I will at least touch-up at the end of the day if I'm going anywhere other than home.

Recently I came across quite a few positive reviews about Make Up For Ever's (MUFE) HD Micro Finish Powder ($15-$30, Sephora), and finally decided to try it. My final motivator was that it now comes in a travel size for $15 at Sephora and Penny's gotta watch the budget. LOL! This powder is described as: "A universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone."  It goes with all skin tones. Well, I have used this powder to set my foundation and I love its staying power. This super fine (micro) white powder blends smoothly and does not leave an ashen look to the skin as some translucent powders can. It is a mineral silica powder that gives a matte look. But Penny's favorite use for this powder is to set my concealer. Often times you have to be careful with powder around the under eye area as it can settle into fine lines. I have also had the problem of creating a 'reverse raccoon' look where the powder used to set all that concealer I've piled on in an attempt to cover my super dark under eye circles, becomes 'too light' and shows up as white circles under my eyes (especially with flash photography). *sigh* However, this powder is so fine it disappears under my eyes but helps keep my concein place.   I apply my make-up to clean, moisturized skin, in this order:
  1. Primer
  2. Foundation (I use liquid or cream)
  3. Concealer
  4. MUFE HD Powder under eye only to set concealer
  5. MAC Skinfinish Natural all over to even out complexion
  6. MUFE HD Powder all over the face to set (read full story...)

The reason I use both powders is because the Skinfinish evens out my color and the translucent MUFE powder just sets it all in place. Since I've had trouble with my concealer going on the move during the day, I have to set it with a powder that is matte and stays put.

How to Apply the MUFE HD Micro Finish Powder:
  • Tap some of the powder into the cap and dip your brush into it [NOTE: The 'swirl-n-tap' technique works here]
  • For the under eye area I use a flat brush like my Bdellium Tools Finishing and Blending Face Antibacterial Brush #955 ($11.56,  in a dabbing motion with the top of the brush so I don't disturb the concealer; remember the powder is to set it in place, so you don't want to move it. 
  • I have also used my fluffy Bdellium Tools Tapered Blending Antibacterial Brush #785 ($8.01, in a light sweeping motion, if you don't want to have to buy yet another brush. This brush is my favorite for blending eyeshadows; especially in the crease.
  • #955
  • For the rest of my face I use a big fluffy face brush & light, sweeping motions [i.e. Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush 01, $11.99, Target]
I purchased the Bdellium Tools Finishing and Blending Face Antibacterial Brush #955 - Travel Line, which has a full head but shorter handle for easy travel. This brush can be used with the MUFE HD Finishing Powder as well as my M.A.C. Mineralize SkinFinish Natural since neither come with an applicator. [NOTE: These brushes are the closest low-cost equivalent I've seen to M.A.C.'s professional brushes]


Penny believes that with make-up application, 'less is more.' That simply means, start off with a light application and then build your coverage if more is needed.

There is one caveat to this story however...I have not yet taken a flash photo with this powder on so I will follow up with that update. The reason I mention this is because I've read several bloggers who say that the powder gives a flawless look 'in person' but on camera you see white powder all over. Hmmmm...In some cases Penny thinks the "application" and tools used were the cause. But I still want to test it for myself. Will keep you posted.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.


  1. I really like Urban Decay's De-Slick powder for getting rid of shiny spots and to set makeup. And I've never had the white powder look even using flash photography. It's the best one I've tried so far. It's $30 at Sephora and well worth it, imo.

  2. Thanks Kate! I will have to look into that product. It's all about trial and error and finding what works best for our skin type. I'm really curious about UD's Long Lasting Make-up Setting Spray. Wonder if you'll feel like you cemented your face in place. LOL!