Sunday, September 11, 2011

Foundation Fix

Hi there!
Penny misses you all. It's been a hectic month and a half, and I wasn't able to get here, but here I am. Before I get into my love for the change of seasons and all the fun fall trends that I've been reading about these past few weeks, I want to talk about my latest make-up foundation. Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation SPF 30 (Sephora, $42).

With my melasma becoming more of an issue this summer (due to my own neglect and being out in the sun), I needed a full coverage foundation.  The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, and the L'Oreal True Match that I started the summer with wasn't enough to cover all my dark spots without a lot of concealer. The Cover FX was a referral by one of my favorite beauty bloggers (MusingsofaCityGirl-Cindy Diaz). I asked her for some suggestions and decided to try Cover FX. It is a foundation and concealer in one, which I so desparately needed. I was trying different concealers at the time because I noticed that in flash photos my MAC Studio Sculpt concealer was showing lighter under my eyes (reverse raccoon). I'm still not sure if it was a concealer problem, powder problem or foundation problem. But with the Cover FX this issue was greatly minimized.

Cover FX comes in over 30 shades but I highly recommend getting a professional to assist you in choosing the right shade for you. I was originally going to make my first purchase online, but eventually called around to three different Sephora locations before I found the product. When I went into the store I had a post-it note with the shade "I thought" was the right one for me, based on what I researched online. But when the sales rep offered to help me and swatched it on my jawline, I was completely off. The shade was too light. Turned out I was in a whole different category and after about three swatches we found that I was a B15. Since I get very pale in the colder months, I'm sure to purchase a different shade then by going back to Sephora and getting swatched again.

I have been using Cover FX for almost two months now and here's how my experience has been:

  • Great full coverage (see photo); best coverage I've ever found for my dark spots
  • Concealer + Foundation in one
  • Contains SPF 30
  • Comes in 30+ shades
  • Paraben & Oil free
  • Doesn't feel heavy
  • Didn't break me out
  • Has a section on their website where you can search for a product by 'skin condition.' Even covers tattoos & vitiligo.
  • Stays put; I use primer first
  • Stiff /sticky in the container; got to work it into the skin if you use a foundation brush; best application is with a sponge
  • Must set with a powder otherwise it could get dewy and cause make-up transfer (don't think this will be an issue for me in the colder months when my skin is more dry); I don't touch my face often but I hate messy foundation.
  • Says for all skin types but I think Cover FX cream may not be the best for oily skin; Powder FX Mineral Pressed Powder would be better for oily skin
I found the best way to apply Cover FX is with my Beauty Blender (dampened sponge). Please refer to my post on November 28, 2010 for more on the blender.You can control the product more easily than with a foundation brush, and you can start out with a light application and layer to build coverage. I set my foundation with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder or my MAC SkinFinish Natural powder. Summer humidity makes me slightly oily in my t-zone, so I have to re-apply powder at least once during the day. I usually use my MAC Oil Blot Powder for touch ups.

Penny is now a Cover FX fan and looks forward to trying some of their other products.

Be blessed. Be beautiful.

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